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Peletier, NC Town Officials

Dale Sowers, Mayor

Working hard for our Community
– Dale Sowers
I was raised on a dairy farm in Berryville, VA. I learned the value of hard work, community, and dedication. At 17, I began a construction career working on military bases nationwide. In 1987, I brought my skills to Peletier, founding DKS Construction, contributing to Carteret and Onslow County development. I fell in love with Peletier and raised my family here. My passion for carpentry led to crafting custom tables and live-edge epoxy tables.

Since becoming Mayor in August 2009, my focus has been on keeping taxes low and nurturing community growth. A significant achievement was my involvement in forming the Inter-Local Agency (ILA) of Western Carteret Fire and EMS. I have served as Budget Officer of the ILA since its inception in 2010, as Administrator from 2010 to 2013, and as Association President, ensuring our community’s safety remained a top priority.

As Mayor, I negotiated the purchase of our Peletier Town Hall and lot for $190,000 in 2013 without raising taxes, fulfilling my promise to the citizens. We paid off the building June 2023, enabling us to now afford a Town Planner without tax hikes. I have donated appliances and supported residents in need, donated time and services to town projects, including donating and building a handicapped ramp at our Peletier Church.

Looking forward, my focus remains on planning for Peletier’s growth, preserving our small-town charm, and welcoming businesses along HWY 58. Keeping taxes low, especially for those on fixed incomes, is vital. My goal is to ensure every resident’s voice is heard, and I’ll continue to work hard for Peletier’s bright and prosperous future.

Dale can be contacted at 252-241-4501

David Bragg, Commissioner

"I look forward to helping out and making this town grow."
– David Bragg
Commissioner Bragg settled in Peletier In 1996. Since then, he has made a family with two young boys and a thriving small business.

David can be contacted at 252.725.0366

Sonny Mason Commissioner

Sonny Mason
Sonny is a "Land Developer" with Dirt2Dreams LLC, with over 40 years of experience, working alongside a tight-knit team of extremely successful, blue collar workers in and around the Pelletier community. These locals strive to protect our waterways and community while offering comfort to tourists who choose our community in which to spend their money. Sonny specializes in developing campgrounds on and around our waterways.

He has lived in Carteret County since infancy and loves his "home" community. Due to an accident, sustained by his father just prior to Sonny's birth, Sonny has always felt a responsibility to assist in providing for his family. At a young age, he began working with Mr. Glenn Russell and learned everything Mr. Glenn could teach him. After graduating White Oak Christian Academy, Sonny began his full-time working career where he ran heavy equipment for land development. He eventually started his own business as a mobile camper repair service which he ran for 30 plus years. As the business grew, he became a custom built, park model manufacturer. He retired from this business to assist in building his "dream" campground and Dirt2Dreams LLC was formed.

Sonny's limited downtime is spent with his wife, his sons, his church family, and his passion for grilling! He is a trusted name in the workforce and uses his positive attitude, endless knowledge and tireless drive for perfection, to encourage others to work hard and succeed. He's a former foster parent, former Deacon and all around neighborly guy, Sonny is passionate about our community.

Sonny can be contacted at 252-241-8666

Tim Quinn, Commissioner

Working hard for Peletier.
– Tim Quinn
Tim Quinn's first visit to the Peletier area was in the early 70's while visiting his grandfather's summer home. He came to live on the same land 10 years later while starting his Coast Guard career. He was stationed at the CG Station Swansboro on Emerald Isle for 4 years. Of the 20 years in the Coast Guard, 11 of them were serving eastern North Carolina. After retiring from the USCG, he went on to serve as a Federal Air Marshal for 15 years. He and his wife Barbara were excited to move back here in 2019 and build their retirement home in our community.

Tim can be contacted at 843-461-6304

Dan Taylor, Commissioner

"We’re just a dot on the map and we like it like that!"
– Dan Taylor
Dan J. Taylor III has been a resident of Peletier for over sixteen years and has provided years of dedicated service to the area. He has served on the town planning board for more than ten years. While serving on the board a commissioner position became vacant so Dan decided to run. Dan was appointed to the position and has been serving Peletier ever since. Dan is now retired and is primarily involved with the town of Peletier through the planning board, on which he once served as chairman, and through his position as commissioner. Dan describes Peletier as a very small community with one store and one gas station, and that’s what he loves about it.

Dan can be contacted at 252-393-3282

Walter Vinson, Commissioner

"Lifelong resident of Peletier, NC"
– Walter Vinson
Born and raised in Peletier, I’ve dedicated my life to nurturing our community’s small-town charm. After graduating from NC State, I served as a Farm Labor representative with NCESC. Simultaneously, I returned to Peletier to become a self-employed farmer, a role I continue today. Between the 1970’s-1980’s, I was a full-time Deputy Sheriff in Carteret County and continued my farming operation. In the early 90’s, I started a construction company, became a General Contractor and Home Builder, contributing to our community’s development.

In 1996, I became Peletier’s first Mayor after working with the legislature to incorporate Peletier. My primary goal was preserving our small-town atmosphere, keeping taxes low, while managing growth. I was instrumental in the formation of the Inter Local Agency (ILA), uniting Western Fire and EMS services with the 4 local towns. My firefighting journey began in college as a volunteer fireman for YRAC Fire Department in Cary, and continued in Peletier and the surrounding area with Cape Carteret Fire Department and EMS between the 1970’s-1990’s, donating my time and service for our community. I eventually served as Fire Chief and earned certifications as Fire Service Instructor and EMS instructor.

My commitment to Peletier is unwavering--to maintain its character while ensuring affordability. My goal is to preserve our community’s essence for future generations, while keeping taxes low. This small, neighborly community holds a special place in my heart, and I’ll continue to work tirelessly to ensure it remains a cherished haven for all who call it home.

Walt can be contacted at 252-241-2240