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Peletier, NC Town Officials

Dale Sowers, Mayor

Working hard for our Community
– Dale Sowers
Dale can be contacted at 252-241-4501

David Bragg, Commissioner

"I look forward to helping out and making this town grow."
– David Bragg
Commissioner Bragg settled in Peletier In 1996. Since then, he has made a family with two young boys and a thriving small business.

David can be contacted at 252.725.0366

Walter Krause

"Town of Peletier is so welcoming And I always felt as part of the town. I will provide my services to better the town."
– Walt Krause
Walt was born in 1947 as only child. Born and raised in Northern VA and worked for the Federal Government for 37 years, retired in 2003, worked as an elevator inspector for eleven years. Walt and his wife, Paula, have been married for 35 years. They have 4 grown children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson born this year.
Walt has been a property owner in the Town of Peletier since 1998. At which time Paula's Dad lived here and our vacations were spent here. He retired with his wife to live in this community as soon as our home was built in 2014. It was a very quiet area and calming to Walt and his wife.
Walt has served on the Town Planning Board for one year and when the seat came available to be on the Board of Commissioner Walt was appointed.
He fell in love with this area and plans to serve the Town of Peletier with pride.

Walt can be contacted at 252-764-0585

Alice Dunn, Commissioner

"If I ever reach a place where I can’t help, I'm getting out."
– Alice Dunn
Alice Dunn has been serving the Town of Peletier as a Commissioner since it was founded as a municipality in 1996. Born and raised in Carteret County, Alice is one of the Town of Peletier’s most dedicated civil servants and a strong advocate for the greater good. Although retired after a 37-year career as an educator for the state of North Carolina, she is still working tirelessly for the best interest of the town and the people of Peletier. After being broadsided at the Taylor Notion Rd. intersection and living to tell the tale, Alice made highway safety a top priority. She’s currently petitioning lawmakers to reduce the speed on Hwy 58, and working to put a stop light at the dangerous Taylor Notion Rd. intersection. Alice wants the town to know that if she ever felt like things are not being done for the benefit of the town, then she’s going to make sure that they are.

Alice can be contacted at 910.389.5610

Larry Rhue, Commissioner

"Peletier will be a great place to live for a long time. It’s close to everything and has room to grow."
– Larry Rhue
Larry Rhue is a Peletier native whose entire family has been in the area for most of their lives. In fact, many of them have been here since the early 1930s. Both his mother and father were born in Peletier and his mother is still living and still located in town. Larry’s two sisters and one brother also call Peletier home. Aside from his time in the service, Larry never went too far from home. He worked in warehouses in New Bern for 30 years and moved back to Peletier in 1988 and has been here ever since. He became a commissioner after seeing a need for a helping hand while serving on the town planning board. Larry felt that he could make an impact as a commissioner and so he threw his hat in the running. He’s served as commissioner ever since (almost eight years now!). Larry describes Peletier simply as ‘home’ and loves that it offers a sense of community and simple, small town life.

Larry can be contacted at 252.671.1637

Dan Taylor, Commissioner

"We’re just a dot on the map and we like it like that!"
– Dan Taylor
Dan J. Taylor III has been a resident of Peletier for over sixteen years and has provided years of dedicated service to the area. He has served on the town planning board for more than ten years. While serving on the board a commissioner position became vacant so Dan decided to run. Dan was appointed to the position and has been serving Peletier ever since. Dan is now retired and is primarily involved with the town of Peletier through the planning board, on which he once served as chairman, and through his position as commissioner. Dan describes Peletier as a very small community with one store and one gas station, and that’s what he loves about it.

Dan can be contacted at 252-393-3282