Carteret County Food Assistance

The Carteret Food and Health Council is providing food assistance for those in need in our community. Click this link for all the details.

Trail Life Troop NC 19

December 16, 2023 at 12:00 pm (Wreath Placement Immediately Following Ceremony). Sponsor a wreath, volunteer, or invite friends to support the NC0478P - Trail Life Troop NC 19. Click this link for all the details.

BOC Meeting

Video Archive

Will zoning affect my property taxes?

Your property tax value is based on current market values of similar and adjacent properties. Property values are not changed based on the zoning of your property.
Town Of Peletier, NC Inc
Peletier offers a unique community. Our goal is to preserve our communities’ culture, heritage and our way of life; while also improving the quality of life of our residents, creating long-term economic prosperity, while protecting our natural resources and the environment.